Monday, December 26, 2011

Sketchy Business

After the festivities of Christmas have subsided (not without their consequences = I'm still hungover and bloated from yesterday's wining and dining), all attention is focused on New Year's and those pesky New Year's Eve Resolutions.

Most people don't give them much thought, and neither have I really- until now. After kickstarting our little business again, I feel the need to reconnect with my creative side and sink my teeth into all things crafty.

So I officially declare 2012's resolution to be: Go for it! Embrace all things artsy, arty, cultural, essential.
Sample Model - Check out the 'ceps! 

Finding this figure drawing site has been really helpful.
I liked it so much, I even made a donation. The 30 minute 'warm up' classes allow you to ease from quick 30 second sketches to an 11 minute study of a male or female form. Even a person who knows little to nothing about drawing would find it an interesting and even rewarding exercise. Like I always say, anyone can be good at drawing -all it takes is practice. :)

- The Dentist

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