Sunday, December 25, 2011

Completed!... Finally

This has taken a little longer than I hoped, but I finally finished the crochet badges for my uni project. The next stage after crocheting the bases was to crochet the copper into rings. It was suggested to me that I should anneal the copper to make it softer before I crocheted it but for the sake of saving time I ignored this advice and crocheted it as it was- ripping into my fingers in the process.

The brooches are comprised of three layers- the top layer being the copper ring, the middle layer is red woollen knit and the bottom layer is the crochet wool base. A brooch pin is sewn between the red wool knit and the crocheted wool base. Once I make the three parts, most of the work is done and sewing them together doesn't take much time.
The brooches were sold in a pop up store called J-Pop for a little over a week. I was working in the store when one of them sold and it was great to be able to get feedback from the customer who was buying it!

-- Silaserene

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  1. That's so awesome Rachie! Haha, totally blew your cover (everyone knows your name now) :P. But congratulations on the store- you need to tell me all about it when we catch up next,

    Neha :)