Sunday, February 20, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Glorious vintage buttons
Who would've thought that sticking ring bases onto a button would induce nausea?

Well obviously, the actual act of bonding the button to the base isn't all too complicated but everything else has got my head swimming.

First there's selecting the kind of base (silver toned, gold plated, copper, with or without filigrees, 8mm, 20mm, flat or curved, the list goes on...) Then there's the problem of determining a supplier. Ebay Australia turned out to be a dead end, especially since I wanted quality bases and in bulk.

Then there's pricing. Sure, the sentimental value of all my buttons is not quantifiable, but there has to be a way of determining their worth.

I spent a good two hours reading ebay guides in an futile attempt to decide the next course of action. That is, until I found this. It's basically a quick and easy-to-use calculator that does all the thinking for you. Success! :)

Even more mind blowing is this simple explanation of business plans (Ok, I know what you're thinking - in what universe is accounting exciting? While it's probably the last career on earth that I would pursue professionally- you have to admit, it makes perfect sense to have some knowledge of these things).

Anyway, in all my excitement I've forgotten to talk about the main event- those gorgeous vintage buttons in the photo above. See the black one on the end? I have my heart set on recreating the same starburst ring Nicole Warne is wearing.

Will post the fruits of my labour soon...

-The Dentist.

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