Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crochet Badges: Start

I've been scanning eBay for the past couple of weeks gathering cheap materials however my search is slowing down as I'm running out of money. I will have to concentrate on making my crochet badges until I have more.... financial freedom.
The crochet badges are my first project for and I'm hoping to expand this idea into other objects such as hair clips and maybe necklaces and rings. So far I only have lots of bases in various colours... my favourite part is making these bases, I love sitting in front of the TV and crocheting, it's so relaxing after work and uni. The next part will be the hardest; crocheting the copper. It rips my fingers apart to do this but it's also my favourite part of the brooch so I can't leave it out. Hopefully soon my fingers will adapt to the rough work!

-- Silaserene

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